2022 Advocacy and Research Grants: Strengthening the Sector


The Music Man Foundation has a history of providing support to organizations advocating for positive changes in the arts, whether it be for increased public funding to arts programs, support for policy changes, the conducting or dissemination of new research, or increasing public will in support of the arts.  We have partnered with select dedicated organizations working on a regional, statewide, or national level.

This year, the Foundation will be distributing invitations for its advocacy grants more widely, as it aims to support systemic change via empowering organizations working at the intersection of music, learning, and well-being.  Organizations must be able to identify the system it seeks to impact, demonstrate why it is well-positioned to take on this system change, and show evidence of progress toward achieving sustainable solutions.  We anticipate grants will support activities such as:

      1. research and policy analysis that promote the need for arts (specifically music) to change and improve circumstances,
      2. cross-sector initiatives which cultivate allies and build bridges between the arts and other interest groups,
      3. advocacy training and tools which build the capacity of arts and cultural leaders to understand and proactively influence issues impacting the arts and community vitality, and/or
      4. designing solutions which shift the circumstances within a system to promote efficiency and sustainability.

In 2022, The Music Man Foundation will make up to 15 significant grants, awarding approximately $800,000 through this effort.  Grant amounts will take into consideration the organizational budget, scope of initiative, and the organization’s alignment with The Music Man Foundation’s mission. Grants will be one-time grants without any commitment made to future funding by the Foundation.  However, recipient organizations may reapply after all grant funds are expended and any required reporting has been submitted to the Foundation.

Applications must be completed in the Foundation’s online grant platform.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; organizations must submit an application no later than November 10, 2022. More information on deadlines is provided below in the Timeline section.

Eligibility Requirements 

In order to be considered for funding, an organization must: 

  • Reflect music within the organization’s efforts. 
  • Operate as a non-profit organization.
  • Have at least 2 years of mission-aligned programming.
  • Have a service jurisdiction that includes either Los Angeles County, the state of California, or the United States of America. Programs focused on a state that is not California will not be eligible.
  • Have had at least one paid employee for a minimum of one year. 
  • For organizations that have previously received a grant from The Music Man Foundation, the organization must be in good standing with the Foundation before applying for the Award.

Defining Systems Change in Music, Learning, and Well-being

The Music Man Foundation interprets systems change as shifting the underlying conditions that make service delivery necessary. We understand that the world operates in systems, and that isolated grants cannot make broad-based or lasting change. Because of this, the Foundation will grant to organizations trying to change the way a system functions. We rely on the expertise of our grant partners to identify the system which the organization is trying to impact.


The application will include: 

  • Executive summary that includes brief discussion of approach, milestones, and timeline.
  • Narrative portion that includes details of the progress the organization aims to inspire, greater detail about its initiatives and beneficiaries, the staff and governance structure, how the organization is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.
  • Financial section that includes a budget for the initiative for which support is being requested, two years of organizational budgets and audited financial statements or formal financial statements for the most recent fiscal year. If the organization participates in lobbying activities, an allocated budget must be presented with lobbying and non-lobbying activities.

Selection Criteria 

  • Demonstrated understanding of the system the organization seeks to impact and insight as to why the organization is well-positioned to take on this system change.
  • Demonstrated intentionality of efforts.
  • Capacity to make sustainable change.
  • Organization reflects a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Ability to articulate what progress looks like for the organization. Organization has capacity to track its progress toward initiative and organizational goals. 
  • Organization does not have a structural deficit.


The application deadline is Thursday, November 10 at 11:59pm Pacific Time, with funding notice being provided in early December. 


Questions may be sent via email to inquiries@musicmanfoundation.org.

Instructions for Using the Foundation’s Grant Portal 

For details about setting up your organization’s account and for additional tips on how to successfully submit an application to the Foundation, please find instructions here.