Music & Learning
and Music & Well-Being

What are Music & Learning and Music & Well-being? 

The Music Man Foundation interprets Learning and Well-being as follows:

  • LEARNING: Participants gain skills or knowledge.
  • WELL-BEING: Participants experience improved quality of life.

The Music Man Foundation interprets Music & Learning and Music & Well-being as follows:

  • MUSIC & LEARNING: Programming where skills are developed over time from a repeated music learning experience led by a trained instructor.
  • MUSIC & WELL-BEING: Programming that intentionally utilizes music to improve both physical and/or mental health which is delivered by a qualified provider. This may include music as a tool that supports medical treatment as part of a more holistic approach to health care.
  • MUSIC & LEARNING and MUSIC & WELL-BEING: Programming which facilitates learning and well-being through the intentional use of music.
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